Nissan Safety Shield Technologies

Nissan is thoroughly dedicated to safety, whether you’re on the highway or in a parking lot. That’s why the Nissan model lineup includes such an extensive range of different safety features, each designed to adhere to a different aspect of Nissan safety: Monitoring, Responding, or Protecting. You can learn about all the different technologies and systems that make up the Nissan Safety Shield with our glossary below.

Safety Tech That Monitors for Danger

Around View Monitor – Provides a view of the area surrounding your car as seen from overhead or close-ups of the front, rear, or side to make it easier to maneuver in a small area

Automatic Emergency Braking – Alerts you to reduce your speed if it senses you are approaching the proceeding vehicle too quickly, and automatically applies the brakes if you don’t respond in time to prevent a collision

Blind Spot Warning – Uses radar to monitor vehicles approaching from the rear and to the side, and warns you if you attempt to change lanes before there is room to safely maneuver

Driver Attention Alert – Monitors steering behavior to detect drowsiness, and recommends a stop

Intelligent Cruise Control – Maintains a set distance from the proceeding car rather than a set speed, allowing the vehicle to automatically slow down or speed up with the flow of traffic

Moving Object Detection – Utilizes the Around View Monitor to detect if any people, animals, or other vehicles are moving through the intended path of your Nissan as you attempt to leave a parking space

Parking Sonar – Uses radar to sense and alert you to objects near the front or rear bumper of your car while parking

Predictive Forward Collision Warning – Uses radar to sense and alert you if the vehicle two cars ahead of yours suddenly brakes so you’ll have more time to react

Rear Cross Traffic Alert – Uses radar to sense and alert you to vehicles passing behind you as you back up

Rear View Monitor – Provides a view of the area behind your car with colored indicators of distance (such as to another car’s bumper) to make it easier to back up

Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Monitors for and alerts you to low tire pressure in any of the tires, and lets you know when proper tire pressure has been reached

Safety Tech That Responds to Danger

Adaptive Headlights – Automatically turns on the headlights when needed (such as when it grows dark or in poor weather)

Anti-lock Braking System – Keeps steering accurate in hard braking situations

Brake Assist – Senses emergency braking situations and applies added braking force

Electronic Brake Force Distribution – Sends extra power to rear brakes when extra weight is in the back (such as when passengers or cargo are in the rear)

Traction Control System – Reduces wheel spin in low-traction situations

Vehicle Dynamic Control – Keeps your vehicle in its intended path

Safety Tech That Protects from Danger

Active Head Restraints – Reduces whiplash in front row passengers during rear-end collisions

Advanced Air Bag System – Inflates airbags at different rates depending on severity of crash and seat belt usage

Front Seat-Mounted Side-Impact Supplemental Air Bag – Provides the same level of protection in any seat position, because these bags are built into the seats themselves

Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) System – Secures child car seats without requiring seat belts or a locking clip

Roof-Mounted Curtain Side-Impact Supplemental Air Bag – Provides added head protection for all rows of seating

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All new Nissan models with have at least a few of these technologies, and most will have several of them. For example, all 2018 models onward of the Nissan Sentra, Altima, Leaf, Rogue, Rogue Sport, Murano, and Pathfinder will come with standard automatic emergency braking.

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