Do Cars Drive Better With New Tires?

July 13th, 2021 by

It may be easy to overlook the importance of our car’s tires since we typically think of maintenance as work done inside our car. However, tires are much more of a vital part of your vehicle’s efficiency than you may think, as the tires affect how well your car drives. Your tires are what connects your vehicle to the road, and it’s pertinent to pay attention to when you need a tire replacement.

The tires of your Nissan should be replaced about every 25,000 to 50,000 miles to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Tires that are too old or worn out won’t be able to stop as effectively, turn, or accelerate. Receiving new tires that are in the best shape they can be will give you peace of mind that you’re driving in a safe, reliable car that responds to your gas and breaks quickly.

Your car can only perform as well as its parts- tires included. The right tires will allow you to quickly come to a stop, turn, and brake. These are not only for safety reasons, but to ensure that your car is at peak performance for the type of driving you’ll be doing.

Depending on where you’ll be driving and what driving you’ll be doing, such as in the snow, off-roading, racing, or in the summer, different tires will give you different driving experiences. If you notice your car isn’t braking or accelerating properly, it may be time to check your tires.

Your gas mileage is actually directly affected by your tires. If your tire tread is worn, your Nissan will have to work much harder to exert power into the ground to make it move, therefore using much more gas in the process. With new tires that work more efficiently with less power needed, you will enjoy much better gas mileage. The cost of replacing your tires is negligible compared to the amount you will save with your car’s new-found efficiency.

Driving in different weather and road conditions is only safe when you have the right tires. Your tires are able to drive effectively through various textures because of their compound and treat life. If the treads on your tires are worn down, they won’t have adequate traction to the road, which is needed for your vehicle to drive safely. If you live somewhere with drastic season changes, we suggest swapping out two different sets of tires depending on the season so your car will have quality traction year-round.

Skidding in the snow or hydroplaning in a downpour of rain can be scary and unsafe. With the appropriate, new tires, the increased traction will give you a safer, smoother, ride.

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