Overcome Your EV Range Anxiety

August 3rd, 2022 by

What is Range Anxiety?

Many potential electric vehicle drivers suffer from range anxiety–the worry that their vehicle’s battery will run out of charge while they’re out on the road with no public charging stations in sight.

This fear is one of the biggest roadblocks preventing greater, widespread EV adoption. Early electric vehicles had a poor reputation when it came to the distance they could drive between EV charging. Many vehicles struggled to make it 100 miles before they needed a charge, even with manufacturers promising greater distance.

This blog is dedicated to breaking the stigma and helping you overcome your EV driving range anxiety.

4 Facts About Electric Vehicle Range

EV Charging Is NOT The Same As Getting Gas

Many EV drivers compare charging their electric vehicles to putting gasoline in their cars and trucks. However, with an EV you can remove the chore of needing to fuel up your gas-powered vehicle. In fact, many gas stations are installing fast charging stations and other charging infrastructure to facilitate on-the-go charging.

The main reason they are different is that you are able to charge your electric car when you park. With charging stations appearing almost everywhere from retail locations to office buildings, restaurants to public parking garages, you’ll be able to charge your vehicle no matter the long range you need to drive.

EV Ranges Are Sufficient

The biggest reason for range anxiety is because drivers don’t believe the vehicles have a long enough range to sufficiently reach their destination every day. In 2010, the Nissan Leaf was the first mass-market EV. The maximum range on that vehicle was 109 miles.

Times have changed and many electric vehicles have a range of between 200-300 miles, including the Leaf with its longest range reaching 212 miles when fully charged.

It is true that real-world driving conditions factor into an EVs effective range, but with long ranges and charging stations everywhere, you can be assured that you’ll arrive at your destination.

Charging Stations Are Everywhere

Society is moving toward electric vehicles to help lower harmful emissions to help save the environment. Governments are introducing legislation and incentives to support the switch to electric vehicles.

Because of this, demand for electric vehicles is rising, meaning the charging infrastructure has to grow with it. By 2030, electric vehicles are expected to make up 30% of all vehicles on the market–meaning the number of charging stations needs to expand alongside that growth.

In 2020, there were 1.3 million public charging stations with over 16 million expected by 2030.

EV Batteries Last Longer Than You Think

When it comes to electronics and battery life, we’ve all had a bad experience or two with our phone or laptop dying at the most inopportune time. EV batteries are designed and engineered differently. Their life expectancy ranges from 10-20 years before they will need to be replaced. To compare, your gas-powered car battery typically lasts 3-4 years.

Along with the longer battery life, the charging capacity decreases by only 2% every year. For example, if your EV has a 200-mile range at the time of purchase, after 5 years of driving, you’ll only lose around 20 miles on the full charge.

And, with dealer warranties, you may end up paying nothing to replace your battery when it comes time.

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