What to Look For During a Test Drive

August 26th, 2021 by

At the 94 Nissan of South Holland car dealership lot, we always encourage you to test drive any car you’re interested in to make sure it’s the right fit for you. But what should you be thinking about or considering during the test drive?


When driving a car, your comfort is ultimately what matters most. Take note of how smooth the drive is when tackling tough or cracked roads. Consider if you like a car that feels more firm, or one that reacts more to different driving conditions. You should feel like you have control of the car and can easily maneuver it.


The way a car accelerates or decelerates is a major factor in how comfortable you feel driving it. When you test drive a car, try to quickly accelerate to a high speed and decelerate, as those are situations you’ll most likely be in at some point while driving. The engine should feel like it has the ability to respond quickly to whenever you press on the gas or breaks. Try driving up and down a steep hill to see how the car does under more intense conditions.


Different cars have different noise levels when driving them. During one point during your test drive, roll up all the windows, turn the radio off, and listen to the loudness of the engine and car itself. Notice the level on quiet streets as well as the highway.

Pay attention to the noise of the wind on the windows, the engine, the tires and any other sounds or sensations. Depending on what noise level and experience you want, you can find a Nissan fitting for it.

Test Out All the Adjustments

Some cars are more adjustable than others. Perhaps you like sitting higher up, or like your mirrors in a certain angle, or like cold air blowing on just your face and not in the rest of the car. Each vehicle has its own set of adjustments that may or may not be fitting for what you prefer. Test out all the different possibilities to make sure the car provides everything you want to have a comfortable, ideal driving experience.

Technology Matters

Think about what features you would find useful in a car for your current lifestyle, and which features would be a waste to pay more for. If you often like to speak on the phone while driving, an easy-to-use bluetooth system would be ideal. If you go on long trips with your children, perhaps built-in TV’s would be a good feature to look out for. If you know you’ll be parallel parking often but aren’t the best at it, you might take into consideration if the car has a backup camera or special parking system.

Use the features during your test drive to see if they are easy-to-use, helpful, and would fit into your lifestyle.

Stop in Today

We believe that you should be able to test drive any and every car. That’s why we have a skilled team of Nissan experts ready to put you behind the wheel of any Nissan vehicle to help you find your perfect car. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in making a well-rounded decision about what your next car will be. You don’t even need a Nissan test drive booking; we invite you to simply stop in our Nissan dealership near Hammond, IN today to start test driving.

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